Making a Deadmau5 Head – Walkthrough

So you’re wanting to make a head like Deadmau5? Well, below is a walkthrough that outlines step by step how I created my Mau5 head! Materials, equipment and the purchase of the tools used came to about $200. I literally had to buy everything new to complete this project. My brother has just completed the black head Deadmau5 wore on Halloween 2008. I will post pictures of his very soon.

Feel free to email me or contact me on Facebook if you have any questions or are looking to purchase a Deadmau5 head. Enjoy!

UPDATE: December 7, 2010 – I am no longer making Deadmau5 heads. Sorry. If you have any questions you can contact me or post a comment. Thanks.

Contruction Process:


Dremel (sanding and cutting bit)

Hack Saw

Hot Glue Gun

Permanent Marker

Fabric measuring tape





Wire Cutters

Plastic Epoxy

Metal Bowl


*** Globe Combo Deal from Superior Lighting! ***

14 inch Acrylic Globe

6 inch Acrylic Globe (white or clear)

Sylvania LED Battery Operated Tap Light

Skateboard Helmet

Stretchy Velvet (found at Hancock Fabrics)

Floral Foam (found 2x12×36 pieces at Hobby Lobby)

Tights (white or desired color for the mouth)

Metal Mesh (found at Home Depot)

All-Thread Rod / Washers / Nuts (found at Lowes)

Tacks or Push Pins

Cardboard or Dense Styrofoam

The Neck:

When you first get your acrylic globe you will find that the neckless opening is only about 5 inches. This needs to be widened so that your head can fit inside. If you notice, the opening is cut directly across, aka flat. If you want to get technical, the opening should be angled upward toward the back letting the front of the head sit slightly lower than the back. Doing this lets it sit a little more naturally on your shoulders. An easy way to achieve this is to only enlarge the opening in the direction that will eventually be the back of the mau5head. Leaving the front of the opening alone forces the opening to angle upwards towards the back.

Planning the Head:

Now that you’ve enlarged the head hole we need to divide the globe into quadrants. Use the fabric measuring tape to measure and mark a horizontal and vertical line that divides the globe exactly along the “equator” and “prime meridian”. You might want to do this before you enlarge the neck hole. Otherwise, make sure that when you measure you have the “back” of the neck in the right position. This is important because you will be using these lines to figure out the placement of the mouth in the next step.


The Mouth:

Once you have your globe divided out into quadrants you can begin to visualize how the head will be laid out. There are several ways you can do the mouth.

You can use a compass and calculate a half-circle using the horizontal line as the top of the mouth. This will ensure you don’t have a lopsided mouth and everything is even. Go ahead and make a mark at the exact center of the horizontal line facing the front to assist with measuring. On the original deadmau5 head his mouth goes all the way to the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines on the sides of the head. As I was planning the mouth I felt that this looked a little too big (his head is a little larger than the 14inch globe we are using) so I chose to stop about an inch before the intersection. Using the same angle on both sides I sketched out the mouth with permanent marker. I chose not to use a compass and calculated everything using angles to ensure both sides were identical. Choose whichever way you feel most comfortable. Just makes sure you double check everything.

Cutting the Mouth:

Once you’re satisfied with your mouth and outlined it with permanent marker you can begin cutting. When cutting out the mouth with the dremel, I used a polycarbonate cutting bit. I found that it was easier at high-speeds; it did more cutting and less melting of the plastic. It does however leave a coarse edge. I made sure to cut on the inside of all my lines, just to prevent overcutting. I went back over the coarse edges with a sanding bit. Holding the bit parallel with the plastic edge created a nice smooth straight edge. If you weren’t as precise as you would have liked with the cutting tool, now is a good time to correct anything with the sanding bit.

NOTE: If possible, cut the entire mouth out as a single piece. This piece of acrylic comes in handy when bending and shaping the mesh that goes into the mouth.

Cutting the Eyes:

I wasn’t satisfied with any tap lights or premade half-spheres found at craft stores, so I decided to make my own. Using the 6 inch globes measure out a perfect circle a little larger than 5.5 inches. On a few of my white (and all of my clear globes) at the top was an unsightly nipple. To get rid of this, just angle your circle to the side of the globe and avoid the top altogether.

Once you have your circle drawn use the hacksaw and cut through the globe making sure that you keep the cut as level and straight as possible. You can use the dremel if you want, however I found this acrylic to be very soft and melted easily. If you feel your edges need cleaning up, you can use the dremel with the sanding bit on a low setting to prevent melting the acrylic.

IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0629

Creating the Lip:

Now that you have the mouth cut you need to add a lip. I chose to use a very dense styrofoam, my brother used a very thick cardboard, so either will work. Just make sure to use something that is strong enough to support tacks or pins when inserted. Now cut strips out of the styrofoam/cardboard and hot-glue them along the inside edge of the mouth. How wide you make the lip is personal preference. Mine is about ½ an inch.


Covering the Head:

This is by far the most frustrating part of the entire project. It took me hours to get this right. Have a lot of patience when you do this section.

The fabric you choose will have a lot to do with how difficult this is. I originally chose very thick velvet with little elasticity. It was impossible to use without tons of seams and folds. I went back and purchased the stretchiest velvet I could find and it made things sooooo much easier. Trust me, buy stretchy fabric!

I decided that I wanted no seams to be visible from the front so I started working from the mouth and stretching the fabric toward the back. Using pins to hold the fabric inside the mouth, pull the fabric as far back as you can. Once you get the hang of it you should be able to pull the fabric totally flat and reach almost the “equator” line on the backside of the head. I used tiny clamps to keep the fabric taunt as I worked the fabric smooth around the entire top and back of the head. (Since we are working from the front to the back, I would suggest gluing the fabric onto the mouth/lip before gluing the back seam.)

Once you’ve worked the fabric tight you have to glue the fabric to the globe. I couldn’t think of an easy way to do this (while keeping the fabric tightly stretched) so I cut tiny holes in the fabric and shot hot-glue underneath the fabric. Now I only did this along the back seam, not all over the head. Remember, the idea is to have as few seams/lines as possible. Once you have a solid seam holding the taut fabric in place, release the clips holding the fabric tight and trim off the extra.

You will repeat the same process for the lower part of the mouth. However this time you have the neck hole to worry about. Using some precision and careful cutting it is possible to stretch your fabric around the neck hole using a single piece. You should have excess fabric along the edge of the mouth after doing the lower part. Fold this fabric making a nice straight line and hot-glue this at an angle to make a nice seam that curves around to the back of the head.

At this point you should have a straight seam along the back of the head, 2 seams curving around to the back from the sides of the mouth and a line along the back of the neck. There should still be a bare section in the back of the head where the bottom and top didn’t come together. We will cover this section by using a single piece of fabric. Cut a piece of fabric making sure one edge is perfectly straight. This edge will be covering the hot-glued straight line from the top piece of fabric. Make sure this edge covers any unsightly cuts, glue marks or seams. When gluing this section be extra careful not to let glue ooze or show through the fabric. Let this section completely cool. Now pull the fabric tight, meeting the two seams from the side and if you need to, down to the neck hole. Pull the fabric tight and glue along the seams.

IMG_0664 IMG_0667 IMG_0809

Shaping the Ears:

I bought the largest package of floral foam I could find, 36x12x2, however if you want the ears to be exact they need to be 13×14. This wasn’t possible with what I had, so I made mine 12×14. Use the permanent marker and sketch out the desired shape of the ear. Once you’re content with the shape, begin cutting the ear out using a knife. After you have the first ear cut out, use it as a stencil and trace the shape onto the other block of foam. Using this outline cut out the second ear.

Covering the Ears:

Just like the head, we’re going to concentrate on making the front look the best. Take a piece of fabric and cover the front letting the excess wrap around to the back. Trim off any excess and try to make the piece of fabric as close to the shape of the ear as possible. Using hot glue attach the fabric to the sides and then again at the edges. Make sure you glue one entire side fully so that you can then pull the fabric tight and glue the other side so that the fabric is snug across the front of the ear.

For the back side of the ear cut a piece almost the exact size of the ear, however don’t overlap the fabric onto the sides. Glue this piece so that it covers any seams created by the first piece of fabric. Take your time when gluing the back piece to make sure your seams are nice and smooth with no glue showing or oozing from the crease.


Attaching the Ears:

During this section it is important to measure everything and to ensure that everything looks correct before drilling and attaching the ears. On the underside of the globe you should still be able to see the lines you drew in first couple steps. Using the top line as a guide figure out where you want your ears to be attached. It works easier if you have a bright light shining on the outside of the head so that when you place the ears on the head and look underneath you can see a shadow of where they are. After deciding where you want the ears located use this technique to mark where the ears make contact with the globe. I drew two rectangles to give myself an idea of how much area I had to work with. Next take the All-thread rods and cut them down to about 8 inches using the hack saw.

NOTE: you won’t be able to thread a nut on the side you made the cut, which means only the original ends will be usable.

Insert the shortened All-thread into the ears, making sure the thread-able end is showing. Two per ear should suffice, however you can add more if you feel you need the added support. Now drill the holes from the inside out the head within the designated area you marked earlier. Make sure not to snag the fabric with the drill bit when cutting through the globe. If this happens the fabric will wrap around the bit and can screw up all that time and energy you spent making the fabric look so good!

(This part can be done by inserting the rods first and drilling afterwards or drilling first and inserting the rods second. Either way you have to make sure the rods that you insert into the ears match up perfectly with the hole drilled in the globe.)

Before attaching the ears add a washer and a nut to the base of the ear for both rods. Screw the nut down tight so that it is against the bottom of the ear. Cover the nut with hot glue. This will prevent the rod/nut from turning when you tighten the nut on the inside of the head. Now insert the rods into the holes you drilled. (Only have the rods stick out about an inch into the inside of the globe, otherwise you will have clearance issues when you insert your helmet.) Now that the rods are inserted into the globe tighten two washers and a nut so that the ears are snug against the outside of the head.

IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0677

Lighting up the Eyes:

If you try to place the entire LED tap light inside the eyes we created you’ll realize that they aren’t deep enough. To fix this you’re going to have to remove the metal case. Take a knife and break the glue seal between the plastic and metal and remove it. Now we have just the clear lens. Add a few drops of hot glue to keep it attached to the plastic and remove the battery cover because it’s still a little bit too tall.

Attach the dissected tap light to the underside of the eye by applying a generous amount of hot-glue to the top of the clear lens. Make sure it’s in the center of your eyes. Now, using the Velcro that came with the tap light attach the completed eyes to the correct location on the head. If you want to cross out the eyes add some black electrical tape.


Creating the Mouth:

Grab the piece of acrylic left over from cutting the mouth and place it on a large section of mesh. Follow the outline of the mouth and cut the mesh using the wire cutters making sure to leave a good 2 inches around the entire mouth.

The next part requires some time, patience and muscle. Begin folding and bending the wire mesh to resemble the contour of the acrylic. You will notice at the beginning that if you bend it horizontally it will basically undo most of the bending you did vertically. Work the metal to the point where it starts to actually curve. To do this keep working the metal while making sure to push outward as you bend. I used a metal bowl to make this easier. Using the curved bottom pull the mesh around the bottom using the curvature to coax the metal to the desired shape. In some areas I put the bowl on the end of my foot and pulled the mesh.

Once the wire mesh is the correct size and curvature cut off some of the edges leaving small protruding edges. Take the tights and trim them down to a size appropriate to cover the mesh when they are fully stretched. Using the small protruding edges, cover the mesh mouth and pull snug so that the tights are evenly stretched. Do not attach the mouth yet. You need to use the mouth hole to insert the helmet.

Installing the Helmet:

For this section make sure you have a helmet the correct size for your head. I chose a skateboard helmet because it was simple and didn’t have all the weird vents and holes that cycling helmets have.

Even though the helmet is smooth on the top you need to create a larger gluing surface and contact area for the epoxy to cure. Take the piece of acrylic you had left over from the mouth and trim it down, cutting it in half will work, and hot glue or epoxy it to the top of the helmet. Once the glue/epoxy is fully cool/cured test fit the helmet and mark the angle and location you need the helmet attached on the inside of the head. Make sure it is comfortable and that it is at the correct angle. Next, generously apply epoxy to the top of the acrylic on the helmet and place it inside the head. Depending on the epoxy it can take up to 20 minutes before it sets. Do not move the head or the helmet before the epoxy is set. Preferably find a way to keep pressure on the inside of the helmet during the entire curing process. Don’t handle or try the helmet on until the epoxy is fully cured. 12 hours is recommended.


Attaching the Mouth:

Cut out small cardboard strips roughly the width of the lip and about 3-4 inches long. You will be using these on the inside of the mouth to attach the mesh to the cardboard/styrofoam lip.

Choose a location to start and generously apply hot glue to the inside lip (outside of the mesh) making sure not to apply glue where it will ooze out onto the visible area. Now, on the backside of the mesh apply more got glue and place a cardboard strip to the area. Quickly insert 2-3 pins/tacks making sure that they go through the cardboard and into the foam/cardboard lip. To ensure the tacks/pics stay in place you can apply hot glue to them as well. Apply pressure until the hot-glue is fully cool and secure. Repeat this process all the way around the mouth. How many you need to attach will depend on how closely you shaped the mesh to the match the curve of the globe.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions/comments. I’m already working on ways to improve the process, but I’d love to hear your ideas, tips and tricks! Happy deadmau5 head making!



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  3. admin says:

    The head is a 14in acrylic globe.

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  9. Robert Darwin says:

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  13. Robert Darwin says:

    Minesh: Fabric is a stretchy velvet.

    squeakybox: Yeah you can see through the mouth. I used small led’s and put them right above the mouth on the inside.

    –I’ve been busy but the walk-through will be up tomorrow.

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  57. Ryan Woodman says:

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    Robert, how stable are your ears? we had to use 3 rods in each ear, and they STILL seem to be very fragile. Maybe I misunderstood, but yours seem to be quite durable in this video I saw (randomly was looking at deadmau5 stuff on youtube and found this:

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    • Andrew says:

      I used the push lights on mine as well… what i did was get a small strip of Velcro and super glue it to the back of the light and a small piece on the head in the place you want it to stay. This way you can pull the light off and change batteries if the light were to run out of power. once you changed the batteries it will stick right back on.

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    first thing I feel everyone should do it to leave the fabric covering till you are 100% done with all of your parts
    At the risk of covering the head and drilling through the fabric with the chance of twising it out, my advise it to fit everthing first, this way you can cut your head mold the helmet and attach your ears without the chance of ruining your fabic that takes FOREVER to perfect!

    Second is Instead of using the floral foam, I used a 1″ piece of very good styrophome that I bought at home depot, I felt like the 2″ was too thick and heavy witch is why some of you are feeling they are not very stable, Plus at home depot you can buy a sheet for like $20 bucks that’s 4x8x1 and get your ears to look exactly the way you want them, It gave me enough material to cut out 3 sets of shapes of ears and test fitted all of them to see which one look better, as rob described the floral foam is a little to small for the exact ears and you only have one shot to shape those and that sheet is pretty spendy if you screw up, I think that blue 1″ firm styrophome from HD is the way to go.
    (they use it to insulate garages)

    last touch i made is i bought a string of battery powered wedding lights off of ebay and formed them around the outside of my head, If you have ever been to a deamau5 show you know in the crowd the only thing you can see is his head outline lit up with lights, looks pretty awesome.

    Thanks again for this tutorial Robert, couldn’t of done it without it!

    • Ryan Woodman says:

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    …..jason….. what material did you use for the disco head, did it take a long time to do??

    • jason says:

      i used a sequin fabric and yes it took forever. the black stretch fabric took around 30 minutes to get right while the disco took days of messing with it. when you make yours focus on your ears being the perfect shape and measure to make sure they attach properly. i had problems with mine and had to redo some steps. good luck and upload a pic when you’re done!

  70. Ties says:

    I would really really love to buy one from you, they look really sick, but i’m short on money so could you tell me how much it costs? So i can start saving ;)

  71. Max S says:

    hEY dude, could i buy one from you, this is amazing….

  72. Matt says:

    Hey I was wondering if I could buy a head from you it’s almost Halloween and I figured out what I wanted to be at the last minute haha. I’m really exited and I didn’t have the time or patience to make one please comment back. -Matt

  73. Adam Scott says:


    So if you made one, what would you charge?

  74. Luvy says:


  75. cody wilson says:

    is there any chance you can make some of these helmets and sell them online?

  76. freddy says:

    is there any possibility that you are making and selling mau5 heads if so please contact me.. thank you

  77. Ryan says:

    Hi mate,

    All the way from Australia. If you’re considering making these, am happy to purchase one, cost and shipping.

  78. Technic says:

    What kind of lights are u using for inside the mouth? Where can I get them?

  79. Bachelor2010 says:

    You should make them & sell them on EBAY you’d make so much money dude, especially with Halloween coming up.

  80. Travis Moyer says:

    You dis a great job on the deadmau5 head. I would really love to purchase a deadmau5 head from you. If you could email me back at with some information I would really appreciate it. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

  81. Filipe hubner says:

    One question about the globe, does it have to be clear? or can it be a regular white one?

  82. wazplmk1 says:

    @ Robert,
    Hey, I would really like to buy one. you should make and sell these for big profits$$$

  83. Danic says:

    Hey, I would love to buy one of these! Email me back!

  84. Brian Rodriguez says:

    I would be more than happy to buy a deadmau5 head from you. My birthday is in October and im palnning to be deadmau5, and also wearing a full on tuxedo with a light up head. Please contact me A.S.A.P.

  85. Jack says:

    hey me and my friends are making some deadmau5 heads for halloween and mine is purple and i need advice how to cut out the mouth and idk what to use for the head msg me for advice i need it

  86. lance says:

    i will pay like 250-300$ for one but in black. please someone or robert darwin yourself make me one!

  87. sam s says:

    how much would it cost for you to make one and ship it

  88. Richard Tran says:

    are you selling these at all? if so, i am interested in buying one.

  89. Nicholas Dixon says:

    I found that if you put the led’s directly on the globe it will light up the entire portion of the eyes as oppsed to just the center portion. Great write up btw!

  90. evan says:

    which order does this project go in and can u show more pics of your deadmau5 helmet like the top and the back .other than that this is really awsome!

  91. Ramiro Rivas says:

    i would really appreciate it if you would sell me a deadmau5 helmet!!! My birthday is coming up and i was hoping to really get one… please let me know if you are willing to sell me one…

  92. kenji says:

    can u use 12in Clear Acrylic Globe?

  93. How much to purchase a deadmou5 head from you?

  94. Mimik says:

    i am wondering, what did you do for the lights inside the mouth? that is what i am tryin to figure out really

  95. bboy14 says:

    can you see through it

  96. jesus says:

    hey how did you make the nouth light up.

  97. Mike says:

    hey i would like to buy one from you =D

  98. Andy says:

    I used some of your directions to make mine, turned out great. Wore it at burning man for only a few hours and took over 200+ pics in it. I was being swarmed too much to wear any longer than that lol.

  99. matt says:

    sounds great. just in time for halloween. gonna put these behind the eyes for a cool effect

  100. Amanda says:

    I want to put speakers in the ears of mine but they need the whole sound board and circuit boards to play… Do you have any suggestions on how to put them in or any better ideas how to do it?

  101. Michael says:

    Thinking about doing this for Halloween!! Just one question, how long does it take??

  102. Derrick says:

    How did you figure out the angles to draw and cut out the mouth?

  103. Conrad says:

    this is AMAZING.
    I wanna make one soooo bad.
    how long would it take though..?
    I might purchase one.. MAYBE.
    msg me back please!

  104. ryan says:

    how long will it take u to make me one inckuding the waiting line

  105. Carlos says:

    Alright well i got the same led as you but how do you get them to turn on and off? please HELP!

  106. Kevin Romero says:

    Yo, Could You Make Me A Deadmau5 Head?

  107. Juan Lopez says:

    How did you get the lights coming from the mouth and where can I get some?

  108. luis says:

    could you make me a black one ill pay

  109. euno R. says:

    hey man, theres 2 different kinds of 14in acrilyc globes at the website and one is 18 dollars and the otherone is 45. whats the difference?

    • euno R. says:

      i mean because they look completely the same to me. and they are described the same.

    • DJ TommyBunz says:

      i seen that too with the price diffrence. They look and have the same dimentions. Did you get an answer on that. i emailed the company but no response yet. back if you did and let me know. hopefully the $18 one will work. my email is…thanks bro

      • Nate C says:

        Also planning on ordering the cheaper one… Would love for someone to answer this question though!

        • DJ TommyBunz says:

          FOR THE PRICE DIFFREENCE: The company with them emailed me back and said the only diffrence is the higher ones material is a better quality. So for our purpose, the cheaper one will be fine. We’re not using it for lighting so it doesn’t matter about that. As for as time to build. From being in all types of faborcation of metal(welder),plastic,wood, etc.. After reviewing directions and prior projects, if you are skilled at using dimentions and the tools required and obtaining tools and material. Once you do your prep work, which won’t take long, it should take you no more than a full day(12-14hrs) to get to dressing head and ears. While waiting on glue to set and tighting ears, you can install the inside helmet. To be on the safe side I would do all of this in one day and let set till the next day. Then do the mouth installtion( which should be prep the prior day and waiting), eyes and work on the lights. So a good 2 full days should do it. I’m doing a lil more with mine and installing more lights to it and a few extra effects(mini battery operated srobe lights). When I get time to start on it, I will post a link where you can look at it all. This will be my first try @ making one.

  110. chania and addison says:

    ok, me and my best friend addison are planning on making one, we LOVE deadmau5 and we are fascinated on how the head is, if you can give us tips, or how long it will take please let me know we plan on having it done by oct.31 (we are going to make two heads)

  111. cameron says:

    how long did it take u it make it

  112. Sid says:

    Hey! I am interested to buy one! contact me at Thanks! :D

  113. Alan says:

    Hey, im looking for a place to find the floral foam. I live close to LA and there’s no Hobby Lobbies around me. I checked Michael’s but they didn’t have any. Where else could I find some?

  114. Cody says:

    what was the size of the cut out for the opening for your head to fit?

  115. April says:

    I am really interested in purchasing one for Halloween and am pretty stoked about it! Please let me know if there is anyway that you think it’s possible. I tried to add you on Facebook as stated above but messaging on here instead. Thanks!

  116. issac says:

    really looking forward to purchasing a helmet plz contact me thnx

  117. Corey says:

    hey man, thanks for the walkthrough, one question – what did you do for the lights inside the head? Thanks

  118. JERRY C says:


  119. aaron says:

    hey so when you did the mouth you used tights right? i’m confused on how that is gonna be able to cover the entire mouth. help if you could

  120. Sean says:

    Is 14″ really large enough to fit your head inside? I want to make one but wanted to put small fans inside of it for when I’m ravin it up.

    • Robert Darwin says:

      If you don’t think it’s big enough, get a larger size.

      • April says:

        I ordered the 16″ and it just came in today….from the company Robert recommended. It doesn’t look unusually large or anything but it does feel and look roomier! I have some IT guys that are gonna try the fans in mine. :)

  121. Matt K says:

    I would love to buy one of these off of you. I will pay for the cost of supplies and match the cost of supplies as a “labor” charge. E-Mail me at if you are willing to sell!

  122. Tg says:

    Dude you instructions are helping me so much thank you for putting this up it made my life so much easier!

  123. Wooj says:

    dude, i wanna buy a head for halloween

    can u let me know how long would it take for you to make one and the price? thanks

  124. Tg says:

    Thanks so much for the instructions they helped me out a lot.

  125. Brett S says:

    FYI – to anyone whose trying to make one of these before Halloween 2010, the website in the OP (original post) for the 14 inch globe is currently out of stock and will not be able to ship until mid-October. If you’re like me and want to get started ASAP, I did some googling and came across I called them just to make sure they had some in stock and not only do they have them, but the guy I talked to actually even knew I was trying to make a deadmau5 head because of the parts I was asking about! Before anyone claims I work for the company, no I don’t, just found them through google.

    PS – Scally L’s post is garbage and takes you no where. Just don’t waste your time clicking that link.

  126. jimmy b says:

    how much would it be if i ca buy one from you

  127. Ian says:

    Ok, first off thank you for the walkthrough and this is totally badass. I would like to know what you used for the lights in the mouth and where you got them, I’ve been looking for LED lights like Christmas lights but I wanted to find out what you used, how you have them wired, how you have them installed, and how you got the strobe effect. Thanks man, e-mail me if you would like thanks again.


  128. zev herman says:

    Hi Robert,
    A number of good people looking for plastic globes have found us through your site. Thanks! I have created now a kit that includes the globes needed for this project at this link:

    Please look it over and make sure I have the products assembled correctly. The kit is cheaper than the links referenced in your original post and we have the items in stock so it would be real sweet if you linked to us intead.

    either way – best wishes for peace, love and a trippin Halloween. It appears we share an affection for good trance/techno and cycling. Hit me up if you get down to South Florida..

    Zev Herman
    Superior Lighting

    • Strebzilla says:

      Damn I wish you guys would have done this a couple of weeks ago :-)

      Oh well it’s still awesome of you guys to do this.

  129. Geovany Gonzalez says:

    Just placed my order from Superior Lighting:

    Zev was a great help and answered all my questions…cant wait to start assembling my costume.

  130. Strebzilla says:

    Thanks for the great walkthrough! I’m almost finished my head and I’ll be posting a link to pics/video soon.

  131. jOE j4mBOR!! says:

    Thanks man! I just got most of my materials today…. Way Stoked!!!!!

  132. jOE j4mBOR!! says:

    Kickass man! I just got most of my materials today, and cut the neck hole…. Way Stoked!!!!! Gonna have to get me a camo pack so I can get my drink in this thing!!!!

    • joE j4MbOR$ says:

      ….I’m a cheap ass ok… Michaels{craft store} sells there Styrofoam for $10!!! Thats 36x12x2.5… a piece of Styrofoam!!!! no BJ…..just Styrofoam!!! Screw that!!! So now I’m gutting an old surf board I found in a dumpster and using the insides of that… And I found has the cheapest EL WIRE, and components if anyone is planning on getting some color…..

  133. Arango says:

    just thought ill let u guys know i found these lights that could be used to make it even better!! im planning on putting them on the lip or inside to make it light up like the one he wore at hard house mansion they have sound activated ones too which is awesome

    • Strebzilla says:

      I bought about $75 worth of sound activated El Wire. I’ll post a video when it’s complete.

      • Arango says:

        Don’t u think thats a bit of an overkill? You get like over 50 feet of wire with $75. What you going to do with all that wire? I cant wait to see that video it must look good

        • Strebzilla says:

          I got the extra bright 2.6mm el wire, in three different colors, a sound activated inverter (with batter pack), four way splitter, 5 pack of connecters, shrink wrap etc. (neccesary if you’re cutting your own wire to size so you can cleanly solder the connecters that connects the wire to the inverter), and a pack of clear mounts. That’s what cost me so much.

  134. Justin says:

    how did you get the alternating lights to the beat in the mouth…leds and a module i assume, but how do they alternate??

  135. Carlos Martinez says:

    Ok well Im making a Deadmau5 head too…..Im using a 16″ Acrylic globe and I have it all marked up and ready for cutting. I have half inch foam that im using for the lip and ears. If I want them thicker im just gonna double up. My fabric is red and strechy so it will work perfect. I only have a couple of questions about lighting and the ears and helmet. I chose to use a welding helmet and planning on making l brackets to hold it. But I was also thing about using an l bracket in the ear. How do u light up your eyes? How did you stick on your eyes? How did you light up wour mouth and did you use any beat recievers?

  136. Kevin says:

    Hey man I stumbled upon this site while looking for ideas as to how to make a mau5head. Yours seems to be the easiest but I still will be having trouble with the process as I don’t exactly have all the tools on hand. I just had a question about the eyes. I’m going to go with a 16″ globe for the helmet. I noticed on your recommended site (superiorlighting) that the globes used for the eyes are 6″ globes. There is a video in which the measurements are given and the final product in the video looks extremely legit (if not the real deal). In the video you can see it says the eyes are 3″. Does that refer to how far out the eyes protrude? And if so, do you think I should stick with the 6″ acrylic globes if I use a 16″ globe?

    I’m also planning on using a normal thick styrofoam for the ears instead of floral foam. Do you really highly suggest screwing in the ears because I was just going to try to use gorilla glue for them. Lastly, if you really highly suggest screwing the ears on, how do the screws really support the ears any more than just gluing them to the globe?

    Your mask is one of the best I’ve seen without a doubt. Pretty massively jealous and I can’t wait to get started on my own. If you’ve made any other mau5heads, do you have any pictures of them? I’d really love to see progress.

  137. daman says:

    hi i wanted a head to buy from you can u email me back thank you

  138. Robert says:

    ya dude, i was looking through your website and i was wondering if i could get your email
    thanks man later

  139. Devin Rio says:

    idk why all of you are spending so much to make your mau5heads.. i spent $60 for all of my materials. i used wire cutters and a knife to cut everything and mine came out pretty good. if anyone is interested email me. and ill send you a pic. seriously, ive seen alot of failmau5 heads and i believe mine is pretty beast for only 60 bucks…

  140. Andrew says:

    I Love it!! your’s is the best i’ve seen so far ! I really want to make one for halloween, but i’m gonna be really busy. I’m really interested in purchasing one also, can you ship one to Mexico ? give me a price =D , i’ll be hearing from you =) Thanks a millon !!

  141. Jorge Sanchez says:

    Hey that mouse rocks!
    Can i purchase one from you please? or if you know someone that is selling .
    message ASAP please thank you

  142. chip williams says:

    i wanna buy a head from you, solid purple with black ears. contact me back and let me know the details. i also want the led set up but with only red, blue and purple lights. hit me back asap

  143. Kam says:

    hey i am interested in purchasing a head . i’ll pay 400 . let me know thanks.

  144. Aaron Salgado says:

    Hey man this is dope as hell i was wondering how much you would charge me to make me a head because i tired doing this no good lol i rather have it done professionally so let me know asap so we can talk prices

  145. valerie says:

    What type of lights did you use for the mouth and how did you place them in? My little brother is crazy over a head like yours

  146. Jon says:

    Interested in buying one off you. Please contact me at for further communications. Thank You.

  147. Crazy Asian says:

    Currently making a head, following your guide to the letter. I found most of the globes cheaper at other sites. Will post pics when done

    super excited to see how it turns out.

  148. Matt Johnson says:

    Hey man i was wondering where you got the Acrylic globe, the 14″ one. Im having a hard time locating one. And also would it be alright if i used 6″ Glass Globes for the eyes?? Msg me Asap man,


  149. Burton says:

    Hey is it possible to have one costumized such as making the color black, the eyes neon gree, and a led display on the mouth? Also if so what would the price and waiting list be? Thanks

  150. T3chn0freak says:

    Hey Robert, what too did you use to cut out the eyes for the head. I’m having a hard time
    trying to find the closest makings for the eyes so that it won’t be uneven. Thanks

  151. luke says:

    what size dimensions is the mouth and ears, and will a 13″ globe be large enough? thanks

  152. Arshia says:

    How do you cut perfect circles out of the acrylic ball…
    isn’t acrylic plexy glass

  153. Calvin says:

    The combo is sort of a rip off.. you can find the required globes for much less. I rushed into this and learned the hard way. Not to mention they sent me the wrong globes for the eyes! They sent me clear globes instead of the white ones, now I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish the mau5head in time for Halloween.

    • Calvin says:

      Just a follow-up: I contacted Zev and he said he’s shipping me white globes for the eyes today. Hopefully they come in time for Halloween!

  154. Drew Erb says:

    I’m currently using this to build my head, but I was wondering where you go the flashing lights on the inside of the head? Please respond back with a web address if you have one. ANY PLEASE REPLY!!! Thank you!

  155. Jesse Rose says:

    Hey Robert, Just got done with mine it came out really nice. Thanks for the ideas. I am making a couple more if people are looking for them.

  156. zev herman says:

    Thank you all for buying globes and good luck with your custumes. We are not out of stock and not shipping anymore.

  157. Crazy Asian says:

    *important building tip*

    It is notable that after cutting the mouth out of the head, your globe will lose a lot of structural integrity and will be more likely to crack around the corners of the mouth. Be careful what you do with it and how much force you exert on it.

    • Boyd says:

      This is an important comment that builders should take note of. My head cracked at the mouth while I was trying to fit the fabric to the head. Talk about a devastating blow. Covering the head has definitely been the most challenging part of this ordeal. The ears are simple due to their relative flatness, but the head itself is a challenge. I still have yet to accomplish this without feeling like giving up.

  158. Albert says:

    I just talk to superiorlighting and 1000bulbs and they told they are out of stock for a couple weeks…,, and expresslightbulbs have 14 golbe for about 32 to 35 a piece plus 10 bucks for shipping…

    for the EL wire are you drilling holes to pass the el wire through the 14in globe then connecting the inverter to them inside the helmet?

  159. Strebzilla says:

    Mau5head is almost finished! Here’s a video showcasing the sound activated el wire.

    The sound activated el wire is cool but the inverter is usually either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I’m going to try and place the inverter somewhere that I can easily get to it to make adjustments. The inverter has option to just have the el wire just stay on all the time though and it looks awesome either way. I was also planning on placing the cut out 6 inch eyes over the el wire but the el wire is not bright enough and the globes are not transparent enough. I bought some push lights though so I’m considering making the eyes just be one steady color. I pretty much followed Robs instructions to the letter. I did use the foam material that trent used (comment from sept 7th) and that worked really well. Feel free to ask me any questions.

    • Jesse Rose says:

      Hey, Where did you get the EL wire from? and how are you powering it.
      Looks sweet by the way!

    • Albert says:

      EL wire question… Can I buy one long EL wire and cut it to several pieces so i can have three separate wires one for the left ear one for the right ear and one for the mouth… I was hearing once the EL wire is cut the other side of the wire that does not have a connector into the invertor will not light up again.

    • Boyd says:

      That is all kinds of sick! I wish I had the knowledge to create something similar. I want mine to pulse with the music, but I am dumber than a box of hair when it comes to electronics and gadgetry.

      Good job!

  160. Kadon says:

    Hey thanks Rob!! This really helped me and now mine is done! It is almost like the real one!! :D

  161. Jesse Rose says:

    Hey guys whats the secret to getting the fabric over the head. i’ve just made my second head and still can’t seem to get it perfect. Please comment here if you have useful insight into this matter…!

  162. chris says:

    hey, um, can u make me one ?!

  163. James says:

    Robert, I’m building a head also, but I seem to have run into a problem. How am I supposed to turn the lights on once they are secured to the eyes? ANYONE PLEASE HELP.

  164. Albert says:

    EL wire question… Can I buy one long EL wire and cut it to several pieces so i can have three separate wires one for the left ear one for the right ear and one for the mouth… I was hearing once the EL wire is cut the other side of the wire that does not have a connector into the invertor will not light up again.

    • Strebzilla says:

      Yes you can do that. You can purchase El Wire by the foot. However El Wire by the foot has no connectors on it for connecting to the inverter. You can purchase kits from that contain everything you need for soldering on your own connector. I consider myself to be mediocre with a soldering iron (at best) and I had no trouble figuring it out. They have instructions and a video on the website that shows you exactly how to do it.

      If you buy a piece that already has one connector on it and you cut off a piece you will need to solder on another connector.

    • Mathew says:

      No, you cannot. The el wire glows because a current is sent from a power source at one end through a wire with chemical coating.

      Does anyone know exactly where to purchase something for the eyes, and styrofoam for the lip at the last minute?

  165. Luke Tanner says:

    Hey Robert,

    i messaged you about making me one, im willing to pay 500 if you can get it to me by friday!

  166. sammyLee says:

    can you sell me oneee

  167. krumaloopa says:

    how can you turn on the lights and jesse rose how much will it cost to buy one from you

  168. JERRY C says:

    Question…I am also using a 14″ acrylic globe, but im having problems with the mouth…So I just have a few questions for you..

    A.) Whats the size of the circle opening for your head?
    B.) Whats the exact size you used for the mouth, vertical & horizontal..


  169. Haleyy says:

    how much did it cost for all the supplies to make the deadmau5 head?

    • Andy says:

      Hey, I just finished making my mau5 head. . .and stuff. Haha. But seriously. It cost me about 300 dollars to make. I found some things you can change but are still as effective. You can use Styrofoam instead of Floral foam, but it’s good to secure with two pieces of cardboard on each side. <For the ears

      I also just used a Dremel 100x. I bought an attachment that was a polycarbonate blade. All the measurements Rob has put are really good, worked for my head fine.

      But yeah, 300 Dollars was my ultimate rounded price.

    • Calvin says:

      It costs ~$300 if you don’t already have all the tools required (dremel, hack saw, etc etc.) I’m sure if you ask around, chances are you’ll be able to borrow all the equipment from your friends.

      The materials (plastic globe, plastic epoxy, helmet, etc.) shouldn’t cost more than ~$70.

  170. Lp says:

    Hey I know this is last minute but do you have any heads pre-fabed that I can buy from you and have air mailed tomorrow or by Friday (Oct 29)? I’ve been looking for a Deadmau5 head forever and yours is first one I’ve seen that was any good! Name your price if you can make it happen.

  171. Allen says:

    Making a deadmau5 head for my son, using a 16″ globe, and I am planning to mount the LEDs for the eyes to the head. I need a ballpark or general guidline for spacing of the eyes. Can anyone please provide this information for me? Thanks!

  172. jose says:

    how do you put the lights on the mouth?

  173. Quick Facts says:

    Best you could edit the webpage name title Making a Deadmau5 Head – Walkthrough | Robert Darwin to something more generic for your subject you make. I loved the post however.

  174. Andrew Mow says:

    Hey sweet site, are you still making heads for purchase?

  175. Edgar Ruiz says:

    Hey can you make me one email me at

  176. chuck charles says:

    Anyone can give some helpful pointers on wrapping the head? Im 3 hours out from halloween and I’m stuck and need help badly. Please someone.

    • Allen says:

      I had the same issue too. Found a website that dealt with covering a sphere.
      It was very helpful and I was able to get it done in 2 hours.
      Help ful hints:
      1. make two panels sligthlty larger, about 1 inch, than the other two panels.
      2. Used the large panels for the upper front and back with the first seam in line with ears.
      3. The next seam wil be in back of head below mid-line and the third the seam is in line with seam one and belo the ears.
      the fourth seam are from the corner of the mouth.
      Using a a stretchy fabric I was able to put the four panles together and stretch it over the head and major glue was at the upper and lower lips.

  177. James says:

    Chuck Charles, you’ll need some really stretchy material. You’ll also need to pretty much just cut and paste. I found it easy to stretch one large piece over the top of the head, then cut and cover the head as best as you can. Any other questions?

  178. Alex Villatoro says:

    is it possible to use a soccer ball for the helmet?

  179. April says:

    THANK YOU Robert!!! Instructions were amazing…costume was a hit!! I had led lights in the eyes and speakers built into the ears with an Ipod connection. Got alot of attention and I was happy with the results :)

    Lots of photo ops….heres a few…..

  180. Nick says:

    My Deadhead with a Halloweer touch thanks to all the tips on this site.

    • Boyd says:

      Sweet!! I had a similar idea planned, but the company I ordered my globe from didn’t ship the globe out until it was too late. I’m pissed at them, but I’m still going to make one, should Deadmau5 ever come back into town.

      • Nick says:

        Thanks, I used a 14″ ball from Wal-Mart and paper mache’d it with wallpaper paste, worked out perfectly, easy to work with too.

  181. Dave says:

    Hey Robert! Thanks alot! I accidentally bought the wrong material for my mouth so it didn’t contour like I thought it would so I had to do some crappy patch work so the gap between lip and mouth wasn’t huge… Turned out pretty shitty, but from far away It looks perfect! Thanks alot!

  182. Jon King says:

    Hey Dude,
    Here is my Deadmau5 head. Thanks for the help :)

  183. Mando says:

    Here’s my deadmau5 head. Check it out. May be for sale if interested. Thanks

  184. JERRY C says:

    Thank you for the info on this project… i took a little advise from alot of the mau5head builders online and i came up with my concept version which was a massive hit, almost perfect!!! Certainly selling this one in the next few weeks if anyone is interested…


  185. Brett S says:

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to thank Robert and everyone else for the tips/tricks on getting this thing done! This is the best picture I have of mine so far, but will snap a few more with a real camera tonight. I did a few things differently than this walkthrough says, but this was a great starting reference point.

    (Gonna try a HTML direct link)

    • Paul Piedrahita says:

      Pretty good job Brett.. and yeah take pics with a cam so we can see the detail.. is the white a cloth or just the white styrofoam?

      • Brett S says:

        I took some pictures but don’t have the camera cable. By tomorrow or the next day I’ll post some good photos. The white head was covered using flocking and not wrapped with material. The eyes are 4.5″ plastic globes and not styrofoam. The only foam on my head is the ears: 1″ thick sheathing (insulating foam boards). Hope that clears it up a little.

  186. Paul Piedrahita says:

    Hey all… I checked out everyone’s head5 and good job to all..
    Check my head out and lemme know what you think..
    I’ll be posting a YouTube vid soon…

  187. Kap says:

    ok part im confused on is why there is a need for teh 6″ globe maybe im blind and prbly am but i dont see it being used

  188. Juan Lopez says:

    Dude…I followed most of your instructions (I edited/changed a couple of things) and created a really cool Deadmau5…if you want I could post some pics of it here or you can add me on Facebook :)
    To find me there just put my email: the pic should be me wearing my Deadmau5 :D

  189. ivan gomez says:

    hola amigo qe tal.estube biendo esta pagina y la verdad qe esta muyy buena..em me gustaria tener la cabeza de deadmau5 y como tendria qe hacer para comunicarme con vs..o comprarla….. y mi numero es (0341)-153649952 …
    desde ya muchisimas gracias!!..

  190. e tard says:

    sick ass shit dude

  191. chuck charles says:

    One thing I wanna know is what’s the best way to fabric the ears? I did one side and the sides in one piece and then did a piece just for the back side but you can see the seem all around. It sucks but it’ll do but I really wanna redo it. Any pointers?

  192. Jesse Rose says:

    Hey guys, I threw some footage of a few of the heads I have made on my website.
    Thanks again RD the walkthrough helped a lot, although I did tweak a few things. Keep on Rockin!

  193. Ethan says:

    do we necessarily have to do lights, because i dont want a lit up helmet

    • Boyd says:

      Of course you don’t have to add lights. Do whatever you want to make it your own. I’m trying to figure out what I want to wrap mine with — fabric would be nice, but it will be a pain to wrap. I might just paint mine (and can always repaint or wrap it with fabric later).

  194. Brett S says:

    Here’s a link to my photobucket. Finally had a chance to upload some of my pictures.

  195. chuck charles says:

    ohh wow all the comments are gone. That stinks I thought it was really cool seeing everyone’s finished heads and people getting praises.

  196. Angelica says:

    Quick question, can you cut the acrylic 14in ball with something over than a dremel? I dont own that kind of equipment. What kind of household tool could I use??? Any kind of knife?

    • Jesse Rose says:

      I used a jigsaw with a fine tooth metal cutting blade and it worked fine. There is no way in hell that you could use a knife to cut it. If you don’t have anything, I would suggest buying a cheap dremel for $50 from lowes or home depot. That sux that all the comments are gone!

  197. Cherry says:

    This is great! Wish I could see all the earlier comments….

    I made a deadmau5 head and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to use to cover it. I ended up using colored duct tape (not red, but they do have red duct tape), which was actually a sort of cool effect and also made it super easy to attach the eyes, the net for the mouth, and cover imperfections. I’m going to try using stretchy red felt because it looks like that turned out well!

    For anyone trying to save money (and with a lot of time and patience) you can make the head with a beach ball and paper mache. Use a lot of layers to make it thick enough, you may have to wait for it to dry and then add more layers. Paper mache is surprisingly strong if you make it thick enough and a big plus is that it is pretty easy to cut! The con is that it doesn’t smell amazing when you’re wearing it, and there’s not great ventilation in a big mouse head (possibly unhealthy?). Maybe there are ways to combat this I don’t know about. Also, you have to be careful to keep paper mache dry so it doesn’t mold.

    Also, if you are adding tap lights, check your local dollar store. I got mine at Dollar Tree, which was much cheaper than anywhere else, including ebay (cheap lights, but pay for shipping).

  198. Paul Piedrahita says:

    Hey they deleted all the comments from b4 :( I decided to repost my album! Go check it out ;)


  199. Strebzilla says:

    Reposting my pictures and videos from Halloween


  200. Houston says:

    selling my Deadmau5 head! Mad props to Robert Darwin and everyone on this forum. Takes lots of time, $, and patience, but head looks ballin!

  201. Nathan Wilson says:

    So you didnt explain how you placed the lights in the eyes and how you turn them on and off…..please explain?

  202. I will pay you 450 to make me one. blue with the eye lights. i would die for one of these

  203. Thomas Blecher says:

    Hey, your’s looks amazing, and i was wondering if you could maybe make one for me! I’ll pay $400. It’d be sweet if you could make it black for me with the lit up eyes. If the lighting costs extra just let me know. Thanks a lot!

  204. Phil says:

    deadmau5 himself just posted some pictures on his facebook that are “guidelines” to building THE mau5head .

  205. Eric says:

    Would you ship to Toronto, Canada?

  206. Smitty says:

    You still selling these?

  207. Dead Mau5 says:

    yo robert i want a dead mau5 helmet for my son its his brithday in dec,30 hes a huge dead mau5 fan how can i contact u to get a helmet

  208. Debra says:

    Would love for you to make a helmet for someone as a Christmas gift. Are you selling them?

  209. Kika says:

    Hi! How long would it take for me to order one from you? My friend is having his 21st birthday on the 18th of December and his party theme is DEADMAU5. How much would it be as well? He wanted to have the lights like the video you have on your page?

  210. Robert Darwin says:

    Sorry guys, I’m no longer making heads. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or help you though, so email me or post a comment.

    • Boyd says:

      That’s too bad, but understandable considering the amount of time and effort it takes to construct a head. Honestly, covering the head with fabric has proven the most challenging part. I cracked the stupid globe when I was pulling the fabric to remove the folds. I can’t seem to grapple with this issue. GAH!

      But thank you for the walkthrough. It has gotten me this far, so I appreciate your time in posting this info!

    • Brenner says:

      Aw man that’s too bad. Thanks for all of the help though, your blog is great :)

      By the way, for anyone looking for a head, I just ordered mine from here… we’ll see how it turns out. It *looks* promising…

  211. James Leon says:

    would u sell it?? or do u now were to buy one??how much would it cost??

  212. Strebzilla says:

    How did you guys ship your mau5heads? I’m considering selling mine but I’m not sure how to ship it. It’s pretty freakin huge.

  213. Emprah says:

    Hey Robert! I love your mau5head, but like the others, I’m a little in the dark about a few things. How did you manage to turn the lights on or off, or replace them even? Also, do you have any suggestions about how to light up the mouth and make light-up outline of the head? Thanks so much!

  214. Ceebahss. says:

    So, check it. I found a Deadmau5 head that Deadmau5 wears. The fabric is black, with a black mouth and black eyes. I think I wanna try that. Plus, I just found the 6″ acrylic globe in black!

    Dude, Robert, you’re amazing. I’m getting started ASAP. I friggin’ love you, bro!

  215. Ceebahss. says:

    Also, I’d like to know if there’s any way you can email me a stencil of th ears shape.

  216. Ceebahss. says:

    And, how do you make the lights so that they play with the beat of the music?

  217. austin says:

    how much will you make a daedmau5 head for and can you make it in a different stile ?

  218. austin says:

    how much will you sell me one and can you make it in a different stile?

  219. jonathan says:

    ok look your instructions are great but what if you want to make a plane one would that be different oh lets say i give like 50 bucks can you sell one to me

  220. Oi! says:

    Stupid question: can you see out of the head?

    • Connor says:

      Yes, the nylon stretched over the metal mesh is see-through, but to get good visibility, it needs to be REALLY stretched.

  221. Connor says:

    Thanks for the fantastic guide, Robert! I just finished my head today (decked out in my school colours!), and i couldn’t be happier with it! I’ll follow up with a link to some photos.

  222. DJ $lay says:

    Ill give you 180$ for a black one with pink LED lights.

  223. DJ $lay says:

    Ill give you 180$ for a black one with pink LED lights. This is AMAZING.

  224. SMGilligan says:

    Hey i’m really interested in making one of these but I live in the UK. I was wondering where if anybody knew where I could buy the things I need to make it e.g. Acrylic Globes (or substitutes), stretchy velvet (same again) etc. Thanks, would be very grateful If you guys could help.

  225. Jay McG says:

    Thanks for info Brenner. I just got my Mouse Head from as well and it’s nice! I picked up the level 3 head all decked out for a full light show. Can’t wait to take this out clubbing and raving! Thanks for the heads up again. I like that site over at They have some neat stuff. Can’t wait to see some of their other designs when it’s available. I might just pick up another one to get some variety! hehe

  226. Arianna says:

    I’m interestead to know if you stilll have more deadmau5 in stock is for my son. Thank you

    • Daniel says:

      i am Arianna son could you probably have a red deadmau5 and x eyes pllllllleeeeaaaassssseeeeeeee tell me how many does it cost

  227. Blake says:

    Heres mine, great instructions, definitely was very stressful but very worth it when its done! Thx!

  228. SMGilligan says:

    Hey was wondering what kind of dremel tool?

  229. Josh Palan says:

    Hey guys! This is a fantastic tutorial that we use to build our heads. I know Robert stoped selling them but we still do. If you are looking to buy a head like his email us at

  230. Kristen says:

    To cut my 14 inch globe, I used a high speed air cutter. It worked perfectly. If you have an air compressor, you can buy the cutting attachment for about $18 at Harbor Freight or probably any other place. Garage insulation foam works great for the ears. It is light and easy to attach to the head but sturdy and it comes in a huge sheet so you can make a few ears and decide with ones look best. It’s about $20 for a sheet but it works great. To make the lip, I used a Danskin Now Yoga block and cut strips to the thickness I liked. The material it is made out of makes attaching the wire mouth easy. Clothes Pins were helpful in holding the fabric while trying to cover the head, which really was the hardest part.

  231. stephen bruno says:

    hi so im looking at your mau5 head and it is amazing. i want to make one so badly but im 15 years old and i dont have the time to make one. i will pay u to make one for me please. i no u put an update sayin ur not makin them anymore but i will pay you for the materials and shipping for the head. please respond back asap. thank you

  232. Deadmau5 says:

    Hey cool U made my head!?!?

  233. ddynamic says:

    Hi, I;m 13 and I am attempting this and I am going with my own design but what is the best fabric for the mouth because when I light up the touch lights you can see through a thin mesh.


  234. Connor says:

    @ddynamic, i had the same problem, but you have to make a compromise. the thinner the material for the mouth, the better you can see. the thicker it is, the less you can see into the head, but you also reduces your ability to see OUT of the head. you need to decide whats best, but i recommend nylon tights. The ones you can get at a dollar store.

  235. Levi Murray says:

    What was the budget of this?

  236. That seems very good however , i’m just still not so sure that I like it. Anyway will look a lot more into it and decide for myself! :)

  237. XTM says:

    Why are you not making heads anymore :-(

  238. Deadmau5 fan says:

    Cool you do this Mau5 headCool, you made the Mau5head but the best is that you came out the same as Deadmau5.
    I need to get one of those, as I am dj would be great to have one of those

  239. session10 says:

    Boas eu já ando a dias a tentar cortar a boca e aquilo não fica nada que preste. será que podias dar-me uma ajuda para eu poder corta-la?
    os olhos também não sei muito bem em que zona vou coloca-los.

    obrigado pela atenção e cumps :D

  240. Jack Morison says:

    Hey, im really interested in buying a Deadmau5 head, if anyone is trying to sell one could you please email me at jack.morison” Thanks!

  241. Maddox Womble says:

    Can I purchase a Deadmau5 head from you? I will pay whatever the price. Do you have any choices? Thanks!


  242. JaKhris says:

    Hey Robert,

    Thanks heeps for the tutorial, helped a lot. :) Here’s my result:



  243. Catherine says:

    Outstanding!!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping to make mine this weekend, yours is great

  244. Daniel Mallory says:

    can anyone tell me what size all thread rods/nuts/washers to get? email me at

  245. Chad says:

    I just CAME..

  246. daniel valladares says:

    ey bro is there anyway u can make a hello kitty head ? i want to wear one when i dj just email me and we can talk on the price or if u can make the instructions for it or something. i will appreciate it if u contacted me asap cuz my gig is in 2 weeks thanks.

    • Robert Darwin says:

      I would be interested in doing a Hello Kitty version. You’re actually not the first to request it, but theres no way I could get it done in 2 weeks. I’m too busy at the moment to try such a project!

      • daniel valladares says:

        alright and an actual hello kitty head not a deadmau5 version. and okay well how much will it cost i can wait till whenever u can have it done.

  247. Filip Bjurström says:

    Hi! i’m a DJ and i’m going to mix on a party this weekend and the theme of the party is fameous ppl.
    I was wondering if u have any of thoose red Deadmau5 head left with LED and X on the eyes and all that stuff can pay alot for 1 head :) give me an mail at: as fast as possible plz :) TY!

  248. Dan Maroney says:

    Me and my friend are starting tomorrow! very excited, any color/light ideas?

  249. Daniel Mallory says:

    Hey robert, i was just recently working on fabricating my head, and the globe snapped in half. Anyway to prevent this from happening? where did you gety your globe??? i just lost 30 bucks, so im kinda sad. please help!

    • Boyd says:

      Mine also snapped in half while covering it with fabric. It was a bit devastating, since I’d been trying to carefully work with the globe after the integrity had been compromised (cutting the mouth reduces a lot of the stability).

      My only suggestion would be to invest in a higher-quality globe, but I don’t know where to find one. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to get the fabric taut without harming the globe. Guess I’m just not good with my hands (true).

  250. Daniel Mallory says:

    Same here, i’m thinking about getting a polycarbonate globe, apparently polycarbonate is much stronger. good luck. i almost wrote good lick.

  251. daniel valladares says:

    hi this is daniel again about the hellokitty head. i would really like it if u can give me an estimate of how much it would cost to make one. or if u can make one at all. i would like to have it for my gigs and if u can just email me directly to my email. thank you!

  252. Will Erbes says:

    I went to Frys electronics here in Southern California to see about using color CHanging LEDs in the mouth area and thinking of using 2 mini strobe lights in the eyes, i’m thinking of using white crushed velvet and either dying it or finding glow in the dark dye or UV/black light dye or just using glow in the dark fabric paint adding textile medium to make the paint loose enough to apply on the crushed velvet fabric. But whatever works i’ll test a piece of fabric before applying it on the head piece.

  253. James Lydon says:

    Orderd the Acrylic Globe- and scared it will break! gahh!. How did you ensure it didnt?

  254. James Lydon says:

    Also what were the dimensions of those threads you used for the ears??

  255. Tallak Lyngset says:

    Hi! i am just wondering what kind of measures did you use to cut the mouth? I have tried to cut out the mouth several times, but it get either to large or to small.. if you have a picture or something tthat illustrates it i would be really happy !
    Nice Mau5 head by the way.

    Greetings From Norway!

  256. Tallak Lyngset says:

    By the way, i use a 13″ rodent running ball for head !

  257. mau5imo says:

    Is there anybody that can help a Canadian friend…. Where can i purchase an acrylic globe in canada…….the shipping costs from superior and 1000 bulbs are ridiculous… Please help

  258. mau5imo says:

    Anyone know where to get an acrylic ball in Canada

    • mau5imo says:

      Just contacted superiorlighting n the guy told me they dont ship to Canada. Thats B.S in my opinion. Is it so complicated getting a cheap piece of plastic shipped to Toronto canada….IN DEADMAU5`s own turf…. Any help would be appreciated

  259. Brianna says:

    So I’m makiing a mau5head for my friend, just because it would make him happy. Im just wonder how with i get the tap like to turn on and off if i cant tap them??? or How will i be able to replace the lights without destroying the whole helmet

  260. jaime diaz says:

    awsome… but realy $200!

  261. jaime diaz says:

    awsome… but realy $200!

  262. It appears that you have put plenty of effort and exhausting work into your submit and I require way more of those on the net in present times. I sincerely received a kick out of your post. I don’t actually have significantly to say responding, I solely needed to comment to reply superb work.

  263. Antoinw says:

    Does anyone want to sell a blue deadmau5 3.0 head? I will pay $150.

  264. Trent jefferies says:

    Hey if anyone wants to sell one email me at thanks

  265. Trent jefferies says:

    Hey if anyone wants to sell one email me at thanks and I will only except red blue and black

  266. Anonymous says:

    Hey, just a quick question. I have a beachball that is about 16″, and it looks Far too small.. In your pic, it looks way bigger, yet the one you use is a 14″ globe?

  267. Anonymous says:

    (Also, i’m making a paper maché head)

  268. Tony says:

    Hey, I want to make one of these for holloween (and any deadmau5 shows i will be attending, i screwed up already by not making one for seattle :( )
    I have a few questions for you that id rather discuss over email if thats fine with you (its just more comfortable for me)
    thanks in advance

  269. Sh0ttS says:

    hey man nice work on the hats, hit me up an email. i would like to see if you have any leftover heads and a few more questions thanks.

  270. Sh0ttS says:

    hey man nice work on the hats, hit me up an email. i would like to see if you have any leftover heads and i have a few more questions in email. thanks

  271. Ajb says:

    umm i really need one…badly!! and i will also be meeting him back stage at his concert cuz i have a vip it possible u make me one and i buy it from u??

  272. Anonymous says:

    Can we use something other than a dremel for the sanding and cutting?

  273. Jen says:

    What colour stretchy velvet and how many yards?Also,can I get a link for the floral foam and metal mesh and the allthread rods/washers/nuts?And where may I get the tights?Sorry for asking so many questions.

  274. Cody Woodring says:

    Ok so totally looking to buy one up to $200, my numbers 3046858479. Or a good site where i could get one.

  275. alex says:

    does anyone have a red head for sale???? email me

  276. Caldwell n Stuff says:

    hey do you think spraypaiting the globe would work? or does it look that bad…

    • Takeer says:

      No Caldwell n Stuff, that would be a bad idea. Spray painting plastic doesn’t look neat, deadmau5 helmets look best with fabric and won’t have that effect which happens when you spray paint plastics.

      Btw, I’m working on my deadmau5 helmet for halloween and I’m stuck on the mouth. I’m not 100% sure what i should use for it. Is there anything better than using wire mesh for the mouth and covering the wire mesh with spandex fabric? If there is, could you please reply? Thanks :)

      • Sebasss. says:

        Actually, there is a way to do it. Primer, paint with normal paint, sand, spray paint, and sand again. Then, polish for a shiny finish. :]

  277. Alan gadzinski says:

    I will be making them for $400, but they will be the rhinestone edition. Any color. I use top dollar material, no short cuts. Email me at
    How ever Halloween 2011 will be not an option to get one by then. Rhinestoning take alot of time.

  278. retdreank says:

    I owe significantly to mother. She’d an expert’s understanding, but additionally approached art mentally.

  279. Seba says:

    Chujowe, widziałem lepsze maski

  280. Jacob says:


    I dont fully understand how to attach the ears. Can someone please help me?

    • Takeer says:

      Well how i did it was a i made the ears with any material, i got the diameter of the ball i was using and cut the ears in the shape (at a slight angle backwards) and in the ball you will be wearing, cut an exact same length of the bottom of the ear and adjust the width so you can fit the ear inside the cut. Once done that, insert the ear in the cut and from the inside, i just hot glued it in place. Hope this helped :)

  281. Mark says:

    I’m interested in buying a Deadmau5 head, do you guys still sell them?

  282. Karla says:

    Where can you find the dense styrofoam?


      Karla there is only on specific place to get a good head like that.. i think i have the link on my email.. but email me and i’ll give u the link.. i used it for my head.. see the comment below i posted the videos to it.. my head is for sale.

  283. Jordan D. says:

    Okay well I was trying to find an acrylic globe, but I couldnt find one. So I decided to do a paper mache, and it looks good so far and I got the right size ball. I was just wondering if I needed to put the ears in a different way or if you had any suggestions on making this.

  284. xHEATHERx says:

    Hey, I was looking for a mau5 head if you still sell them. If you do, email me back and we’ll talk there. Thanks, cheers!

  285. hunter moran says:

    i cant afford the acrylic dome can i use a gerbil/ hamster ball

  286. Yea budy says:

    Jus finished mine all black sick I love it

  287. can you make me one plaese need it for halloween says:

    0851549521 thankl u

  288. loobbyitynoli says:

    La sagesse et l’amour ne s’accordent jamais.

  289. loobbyitynoli says:

    Le droit consiste à ne rien épargner.

  290. loobbyitynoli says:

    La sagesse marche entre la défiance et la témérité ; le sentier est difficile.

  291. Tony says:

    FINISHED MINE! aside from some flwas with velvvet seams in a few places and across the back, it looks great! very satisfied, i also jazzed it up a bit, i highly suggest going to amazon and searching up for 9 feet of EL wire and choose a color matching your head, i got blue, cause my head is red. and 9 feet is the exact amount you want, you get only about 5 inches extra which you can just shove deeper into the head! plus this EL wire has a controller that you can tape on the inside, and it has the option of of strobe flash and glow! so you dont have to screw around with all kinds of wiring and smoldering and stuff! plus its fairly cheap, 20 bucks!. thats what I did

  292. carter says:

    Hi Robert great job. One question how and with what led lights did you wire the mouth with?

  293. Jeff says:

    Check how I made mine, might give ya some great ideas…….

  294. Mike says:

    I was planning on making one, and was going to spray paint mine for a glossy effect, what kind of paint should i get?

  295. Josh says:

    can you tell me the lights you used for the eyes and mouth

  296. Dj Shatter'd says:

    What are the size dimensions on the ears?

  297. Marcus says:

    Just wondering, do you have any more pictures of the process? Hopefully of the part where you covered the head with the fabric?

  298. Ricardo says:

    Hey Robert,

    I’m wondering how can I make the shape of the ears? is there a guide that I can just print and glue it together find the shaping or something??

    Thank you


  299. Karissa says:

    Love how everyone is asking the same questions, lol. So annoying.
    I so wish I was crafty enough to make one!!

  300. I’m using a globe don’t know if acrylic but its big and white working out quite well then I’m using 2 rubber circle door stoppers as eyes just used duck tape to make the crosses

  301. Asian says:

    how does one see out of these?

  302. avery says:

    is 5 and1/4 inches really enough neck room

  303. james says:

    that is fucking bad ass i love deadmau5

  304. kyle says:

    i dont get where the lighting for the mouth is coming from :/

  305. Spice says:

    I’ll send you like $130 to get all the supplies, cut out the head, and send me it all?? because im a girl n not very skilled in this area :(

  306. Tanya says:

    The exact messurements Deadmau5 uses are: The ears are 13″ x 13″, the space between both ears is supposed to be 3.5″ apart, the space between the eyes is 5″ apart, the space from the mouth to the eyes is 2″, his head opening is 7″x8″, globe is 14″, eye sphere is 4.5″, ears tilted back -15 degrees, mouth opens 50 degrees. You want to cut the globe just a tad higher in the back so it sits better. I found this info from Deadmau5 himself

  307. Bboy Jrob says:

    dope, im making one but for the ears there will be speakers and built in headphones, LED lights in the eyes. and its a panda. instead of fabric over can you get a ceramic covering?

  308. Martin says:

    Do you still make them for sale? And if you do, how much do you charge for it :) ?

  309. Arthur says:

    Wow this is awesome.. listed the materials and going to try make one myself.. hmmm not sure if you still make them (i know you said you dont any more, which was 2 years ago) but if you do than im willing to pay for one whilst making my own. cheers

  310. Max says:

    WOW It’s looks like deadmau5 head nice work

  311. james says:

    Great mau5head mate, I’m making my mine with the beach ball but does it have to be 14″? Can it be 13″? Would it really make a difference?

  312. harley davidson stickers says:

    I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else experiencing issues with your blog. It looks like some of the written text on your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before. Thank you

  313. Hayden Veale says:

    how much r u charging if someone wants to buy one of the helmets

  314. Winnipeg Jets 33 Byfuglien says:

    Ok so I was on the internet all morning trying to find out some things on how to make a deadmau5 head and I found some details that will help people that aren’t very skilled at these things, instead of the globe just go to a pet store and buy a 14″ hamster ball, I like to use styrofoame for the eyes and ears but I don’t use the leds, it just adds extra cost and I probably won’t even use them. And I use the cuts in the hamster ball to help me with all the cuts and stuff because they give you a good measurement for the cuts and where you place all the other things like the ears, eyes, and the mouth. And u won’t need to do that much drilling, such as the ears, u just get some dowels and u stick them through the cuts in the hamster ball tthat were already there and put the ears on them, plus it may be cheaper. Good luck to you all on the deadmau5 head.

    • Thomas says:

      Thanks I might try this dont exactly have much money but have always love deadmau5 and want to make a head with my brother

  315. Jonathan says:

    I have a few questions:
    1. how much did you pay for this?
    2. how much does it weigh?
    3. how brittle/how strong is the acrylic the head is made of? I want to make one to be used as an Airsofting mask/helmet.
    4. about how large is the area of the eyes? I want to put speakers in the eyes. with the cut-down diameter, are they large enough to accommodate 3″ speakers and a 100mm diameter ring of LEDs?
    5. any comments on comfort?

  316. Thomas says:

    Hey I was wondering if I could use different colors besides red im not sure what I should use though I want to make it look really cool

  317. […] people are willing to help, they probably just haven't read the thread. There's also a tutorial here, which addresses the seam […]

  318. Uday Kapur says:

    Hey! Really bang up job on the mau5 head :). I kind of have some doubts regarding the LED lighting. How can you control the patterns that come up on the mau5 head while Joel plays live? I got curious after watching the changing patterns during his Grammy performance. Does he have someone controlling the LED patterns wireless-ly via bluetooth or something?

  319. yasmine says:


    I am searching for a company that can provide me with a custom made Hi-Tech bunny head with lightning, fiber glass and ventilation.

    you have any idea who could help ?



  320. yasmine says:


    I am searching for a company that can provide me with a custom made Hi-Tech bunny head with lightning, fiber glass and ventilation.

    you have any idea who could help ?


  321. William says:

    Nice work man. I really like your results. Check out mine:

    I”m trying to improve the process and techniques to make a deadmau5 head, too. If you have any feedback on my pocess, let me know dude.


  322. ashley says:

    Hey there. I’m wanting to make one to surprise my boyfriend. He is a huge fan of Deadmau5…I saw your intrsuctions and they seem very easy (thankfully) but I have a quick question I noticed when you were talking about the lighting up the eyes you didn’t add how to turn then on and off…. How can I do that? I want to show my boyfriend the deadmau5 head and surprise him even more when the eyes light up.

    If you could please msg me back about this that would be extremely great! Thanks :)

  323. deadmou5 diehard says:

    im 13 and this tutorial rocks i couldnt have done this without u. thanks alot!

  324. Xochitl Capaul says:

    the globe combo deal isn’t available anymore and won’t show up with an image so I can get a deal of what it is, so what exactly is it the globe combo deal?

  325. Deadmou5 super fan says:

    Holloween is a week away and I need to make one fast. I’ll pay you if u make me one.

  326. krystal says:

    Hi, Halloween is next week and I didnt realize how unique this was until yesterday when I realized how fun it would be to be deadmau5. I was wondering if you live in the New York area that way I would be able to purchase one from you? Please let me know thank you

  327. deadlova says:

    will one sheet of foam do both ears or will i have to buy 2 sheets the size of 2×12×36

  328. Yaira says:

    Hi everyone! we noticed this article sending people to our Superior Lighting website but not the actual product page to buy your plastic globes, here’s the break down:

    14” and 16″ acrylic lamp post globe with 5.5” neckless opening can be bought at:

    6” acrylic lamp globe – white can be bought at:

    Have an awesome time building your Deadmau5 helmet!

  329. Nick Bolger says:

    Thanks Im making this to dj in and its turning out good!

  330. Juan says:

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  331. Jamie says:

    I’m going to use this tutorial to make my own, just wondering if 10 meters of EL wire is enough or too much? I bought this EL wire kit here: for another project but didn’t use it.

    • Boyd says:

      10m is quite a bit if you just plan on lining the head. But the strands tend to be pretty thin, so you may end up doubling or tripling up the lines for a more prominent glow. When it comes to EL wire, I would say more is better than less. Be prepared to purchase a second kit.

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